A couple years back my wife was killed by a drunk driver.  She and I were raising her teenage son together.  I lost my wife and my son due to someone’s carelessness.  My son had to relocate with his biological father in another state.  This was definitely a low point in my life.  I was referred to a local Denton attorney to help with my case.  That attorney informed me that he knew another attorney that would help him on this case because he was the best of the best of these types of cases.  Tom McMurray was that attorney.  He and his staff dealt with me on a very personal level.  I was never made to feel they were helping me just to get paid.  His staff was very sweet to me in my time of sorrow.  They assured my wife’s funeral was paid for and handled all the medical bills with the hospitals.  Additionally, they were able to establish a college fund for my step-son to ensure he has the best future he can have without his mother by his side.  I highly urge you to seek the advice and representation of this firm if you are in need.  They are definitely A+++

Darron Enis

Krum, Texas

In September 2012 my son was under the care of his babysitter.  She took the kids to the house of one of her friends to swim.  She was not paying attention and our 2 year old fell in the pool.  Once he was noticed, he was airlifted on a ventilator.  I am happy to report that is doing fine now.  However, without the help of Tom McMurray and his awesome staff, I am not sure how this would have worked out.  His office ensured that I received the best discounted rates on the medical bills and set up an annuity for my son’s future.  I highly recommend Tom McMurray and his entire office staff for your needs.  They make a personal connection with their clients.  I was never made to feel like a dollar sign but made to feel like a friend.
Renita Brown
Aubrey, Texas

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Our Client Testimonies & Stories

My son was badly burned due to negligence of an adult.  Mr. McMurray went to work hard and fast to get my sons medicals bills paid and compensation for his pain and suffering.  My son now has a college fund established that I may have never been able to set up for him.  I owe it all to Tom McMurray and his staff.
Robert Simpson
Krum, Texas
Tom McMurray believed in me when no one else would.  I had a case that I had went to several lawyers to discuss and I could not find one that thought my story and situation was believable.  I was referred to Tom McMurray and when I went to meet with him, he listened to me.  I was very impressed with his enthusiasm in my case and his belief in my story.  It was a hard, long fight but in the end we prevailed and I was awarded a settlement for $280,000.00.  Since then, Tom has been the ONLY attorney I trust with my business.

James Franklin

Pecos, Texas