North Texas Personal Injury Attorney

When you, a child or a family member is hurt in an accident, one of the first things you should do after receiving medical attention is contact a personal injury attorney who has the experience and knowledge you need. If you call Thomas McMurray, P.C., Tom McMurray and our dedicated staff will quickly go to work gathering as much evidence as possible and creating a legal strategy to get you the compensation you deserve.

From our office in Denton, Texas, we are able to keep the costs down while hiring the top experts for your case, and having tried cases in courts throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the state of Texas, we pride ourselves on our ability to aggressively fight on behalf of our clients. That sense of purpose has led us to secure multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments for our clients who were accident victims. Call our office if you were hurt in a car accident, trucking accident, oil field accident or personal watercraft accident.

Why You Need A Lawyer When You Are Hurt In An Accident

Soon after an accident, one of the first things you can expect is a call from an insurance adjuster representing the responsible party, attempting to get you to settle quickly. Moreover, the adjuster will attempt to get you to give a recorded statement without the assistance of a lawyer representing your interests. You should call Tom McMurray before discussing the facts with the adjuster. Further, the adjuster's offer will not even come close to the compensation you will need to cover your medical expenses. By calling us, we can provide you with:

  • The knowledge you need to figure out how much compensation you should pursue
  • Aggressive representation that protects your rights
  • Practical legal advice that properly sets expectations

You Can't Trade Experience. Call Thomas McMurray, P.C., Today For Help.

With more than 300 cases taken to trial and more than 1,000 taken through mediation, founding attorney Tom McMurray knows what it will take for you to be successful. He and the rest of our office will work as hard as we can to effectively represent you, because failure is not an option.

Call our office at 940-220-6079 or 866-343-7222 if you would like to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you. Remember the insurance company's opinion in treating you fair and the reality of being treated fair are not the same thing.